Thursday, December 4, 2008


What are we doing wrong? Rather, what are we doing?

When did India boob so wretchedly? This was supposed to be the land of Asoka, Chanakya, Gautam Buddha, Shivaji, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Dr. Ambedkar. It's being run by a sorry bunch of asses. Where and when did we cross that line which seperates a progressive, growing nation from a mutative, cancerous one? Was it when Pakistan was born, or when Jawahahar Lal Nehru happened? Or when the LoC was drawn? Was it when Rajiv Gandhi was bombed to death, or when we bombed ourselves into nuclear ignominy at Pokharan? Was it when we learnt the lesson so dear to Gandhi? Put the other cheek forward. Keep getting slapped royally. Souls riddled by bullets, slapped not just by Islamic fundamentalists and extremist terrorism, but kicked in the gut by our own leaders, time and time again.

Thank God Gandhi's not alive to see this day. But look whose preaching Gandhian philosophy to us?! Sanjay Dutt. A criminal druggie shitbag caught with AK-47 assault rifle, who has been tried in TADA court and known to have contact with Dawood Ibrahim !! His two-penny wife is initiating peace-rallies in Bombay. I would have been laughing, if only the joke was not on us.

Abu Salem ( God knows for what reason! ) has still not been hanged to death. His floosy wife Monica Bedi, instead of rotting behind bars, or at least, hiding her shameful face forever, has become some kind of celebrity, and participating in that useless show "Big Boss" after consorting and globe-trotting with Abu Salem for years!! That's the sort of people we Indians have evolved into, we like to accept and encourage crap, when its being handed to us on a golden plate.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has the gall to take Ram Gopal Varma in his entourage to Taj, post attacks, to assess damage, and of course, the underlying inspiration and creative-hints to make movies. His loser son Ritesh Deshmukh also troops around in his fancy sunglasses and Armani shirt. How kind and considerate of him to wear black. The Chief Minister of Kerela is so mortified by Mr. Unnikrishnan's refusal to meet with him, he stoops to the level of a street-dog himself. " Not even a dog would visit this house if his son was not a martyr". Well, Mr. CM, not even a dog will piss on your face now even if you were begging for it.

Never before have the polititions of India made a bigger mockery of themselves and our democracy, than they have in the last week. Each one of them is running helter-skelter trying to save his chair. Vilasrao Deshmukh has taken days to resign, when he should have been the first! It's just so unbelievable. How drunk on power these polititions are! How crude, how heartless, how insensitive, how stupid !! They don't have brains, that's a given...but they don't seem to have hearts either!

WHY??why have we chosen these clowns to run our country? Its time now, to change it all. This is our last chance. We have to. Or else they will go down, and take us along with them.


  1. hmmm.. well, v choose clowns coz we dont have that kind of inclination to go in to politics ourselves. we leave it on the sons of these clowns to run the country when we cud hav very well gone ahead and done our bit. i guess this whole outlook towards politics: the business where u just need money n muscle power to be sucessful should change. more and more youngsters should join the mainstream politics. but i guess v r so busy minting money tht we dont have time for all this. since our childhood, every1 around us is cribbing abt politicians. can u spot evn a single child around you who wants to becum a minister.. no... all of them wanna become a doc, or an engineer, an MBA.. n earn money n lead a comfy life. N then when such an incident happens, we again start cribbing abt politicians...

  2. haha, i couldn't stop laughing at our stupidity. yes, we should've stopped gandhi from seperating pakistan from hindustan. yes, we shouldn't have allowed sanjay dutt to come out of jail. yes, we should've occupied our land in kashmir in 1971. we've lost our way by the divide n rule policy adopted by the congress govt. over 45-50 years. congress has failed miserably in providing infrastructure and proper security measures in these years. communal tensions raged in various cities. bjp fueled it. the religious bias, communal divide, caste politics have ransacked our country. india's very identity as a sovereign state today is in crisis. there is a big time leadership crisis. somebody should nandan nilekani should enter politics and i'm sure people will not stay away from voting him. it is a now or never is surely, bye-bye advani.


    i believe people who are in public life are the best to get into politics. if a common man gets in to politics, it takes at least 10-15 years to make a good impact. we can imagine where our country can go to in 15 yr delay!

  3. Its all happening NOW!! Its always NOW that's deciding where we stand TODAY!!

    And thank Gandhi, he didn't stick around too long!! We were always like this with the exception of a couple of years around 47. We just wait and wait and wait... peace. Of course the convicts wouldn't be hanged!! Why would they be?? Its against our moral etiquette!! Someone who comes and tries blowing up our parliament also has a right to habeas corpus!! Now that is indeed an example of how GREAT and KIND-HEARTED we are!!

    Hell, and they expect me to believe members of the same family fought a historic battle on this land (Mahabharata)!! Yeah right!!

  4. the self congratulation of the virtues of "we" is distasteful, if not naive. "we" also includes the mauraders in ahemdabad's riots, the partition riots, the sikh riots, the christian murders in recent times, the rioters in nandigram.

    seeing this situation through the lens of good vs bad, virtue vs evil, where the obscure "we" represent forgiveness and tolerance (of course)and "they" represent purest evil, only muddies the situation.

    the current situation is an outcome of a complex series of actions and reactions, where everybody's hands are bloody. going to war will not be solving anything, it will merely set in motion another half a century cycle of violence.

    a mass movement against the political establishment to tighten the security of the country and protect its citizens is a good thing.

  5. Extremely accurate analysis of the situation India finds itself in today. Accurate but sad.

    There was a news report that Sunjay Dutt is going to contest the upcoming general elections. And I have no doubt that he will win. All due to his 'Gandhigiri'.


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