Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello New Year. You’re here again. Oh no!! It’s that time again when everyone’s making resolutions. Well, well, well. Why do we make resolutions when the New Year is around the corner? I cannot recall the last time I made any that stuck around for a while. I do recall I suck royally at keeping ‘em. What the hell, man, every time I’ve made one, I’ve been scratching and pawing the next minute to break it! So, somewhere sometime I decided to just fall off the wagon. What’s the point of the whole deal anyway? Aren’t resolutions made to be broken? I seem to do just the opposite of keeping a resolution, simply because its disaster waiting to happen. And what must happen must happen.

Besides, there’s something distinctly morose about the eve of another year. Its like, “Sigh! another year gone”, “what did I particularly achieve in the year gone”, and even if you’ve pocketed some good ones, you just cannot freaking remember them when you are a few shots down, and wondering if you looking older than you looked at last new year’s bash.
AAArgh!! Me and my low spirits. Believe me, as the years are going by, I’m just packing up and snuggling into my bed earlier and earlier on the night of 31st December. Who wants to party away while getting a step closer to death man. Last night I nodded off at 9 o’clock, yeah.

Anyhow, today I decided passing years are'nt altogether " times that flew by". They do bring certain wisdom, maturity and newness to life, too. so i thought, let's at least list out some lessons learnt from the past year, if not a list of resolutions. The absurdity of it all tickles me a bit, for I know there will be similar lessons at the end of next year too….. Drat! we'd never stop learning, and will die doing so!!

1. January last year started with a huge lie which someone dished out to me, which I’d believed and rejoiced in. I got to know it’s a lie only in December, after living the whole year in it. Lesson learnt: kindly revert back to your old suspicious self. Let the doubting Thomas in you have a field day, whenever anything “too good to be true” happens.

2. A shift to a new place (infested with weird jerks) made me realize I was surrounded by some awesome people, who I always took for granted. Lesson learnt: give people more credit, and the benefit of the doubt.

3. I know the first and second points are contradicting, but such is life!

4. Let things go. Its really not the end of the world.
5. Practice silence. Please do so! I've lost count of how many times I've tasted my own foot in my mouth!
Also, work more on the public appearance, it does'nt hurt to beat the aging, and balding!

6. Appreciate something good, when you have it. Like relationships. We all have only a handful in today’s world. We must learn to really cherish them.

7. Help out. Help someone, do something for him/her if you can. Lend a hand. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of a team!

8. Be kind. Even if you find it difficult. I find it difficult. It takes too much out of me. Also its a continuos effort, for once you're kind to someone, you've in a way signed a lifelong pact with him. you can't just go back to being unkind. People have been kind to me in the last year when I’ve least expected it!! It’s given me great strength. At the same time, people I’ve expected understanding and good-will from have really let me down. Sad. :(

9. Smile more. :)
when I look at my old photos I see that as a li'l kid, I always looked poker faced. As a teen, my face had a perpetual sullen scowl. Early twenties, it turned to haughty disdain. It's only now in my late-twenties, my expression is miraculously turning into a pleasant smile, and I'm loving it!!

10. Lastly, be careful of what you wish for, it might just come true! :)

Have a great New Year, folks!!


  1. #2
    Is that your in-laws place? :D


    I am broke! Can you wire me some money? :(

  2. HAHAHA!!!!
    no re, work demands we change towns every couple of years, and the new place always feels crappy. read "hello, again hello" in my blog...u'd know what i'm saying!!
    help, but don't lend money! I should've added that!!

  3. lolz...

    i never take resolutions :D

    Happy new yr to u too :)

    thnx for droppin in n keep coming back

  4. good list, time and again i've made some resolutions only to drop them later! and this time too i'm making a list but i'm determined to implement that.

    hoping 2009 to be eventful for you,
    Happy New Year Free-Fallin'!

  5. HAHA!! I always knew it!! Take all the smart-happy people in the world and try to find what's common in them... its the wonders of Bill Watterson in their lives!! Hail C&H!! I'm excited here, so I'll come backto talk of anything else!! :| Any please, do search "Adam.jpg + Calvin and Hobbes" in google images... I grew up on such resolutions!! LOL!!


    See you when I see you...

  6. Visited, read the first page, all the posts,

    THANKS :-)

  7. could a blogging junkie miss a new year post! some of those "learnings of the past year" seem to have hidden meanings ;).

  8. first here..
    Firstly, the title of ur blog 'RICOCHETING IMPRESSIONS' is just FANTASTIC....u have been honest enuf...impressions on ppl do ricochet...I loved that title...

    And coming to the post, it's just similar to my recent kept me hooked on to see the similarities between the 2 posts...there were quite a few right from the title of the post to the content..loved reading..

    Happy New Year!!!!

    Count me a regular here...

  9. Best post of this year yaar.... best lie of this year 2..... lolzzz..... claps..

  10. As expected as alwayz.... Too good a post....

    Read it on 2nd but cudnt comment on it sumhow....

    Its nice to read these realization instead of some monotonous resolutions....

    Heres mine biggest realization of last year...... Knowing the rules does not mean u can play the game

  11. I'll be short n' sweet. U think deep and put it well. I liked ur post. I'll visit u sometime. ;-)
    This is me ->

  12. 4th and 10th kind of contradicting.... isnt it....?

  13. hi dere jus wanted to say fabulous blog ...jus loved all most all ur post...

  14. @ hitch writer
    @ main shaayar,
    thanks so much for visiting and reading. your comments are appreciated, hope to see you here again!

  15. @pankaj
    does'nt everything have a hidden meaning? every move has a hidden agenda, would'nt you agree?..;)

  16. @ rajesh
    wow, you are the first person to comment on the title of my blog! i was begining to wonder if it really suits the thought process in my write-ups.
    thanks for taking the time out to read, hope to see more of you around here.

  17. @ vijayshrayln
    thanks, but er...what?


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