Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Its spring again!

Today is the first day of spring for me. It has sprung at last! The most strategically placed tree in my garden, the one with hangs over the porch, for first time in months has sprung with fresh little green leaves. What a lovely green it is! Light, almost like green glass, delicate too and fresh like the first whiff of lemon. Soon this tree would be lush with huge clusters of star-shaped white flowers, and early morning I’ll find a soft white flowery carpet over my lilies which grow under this tree.

The spell seems to be breaking all over my little garden, actually. For all things that slept seem to be awakening suddenly to plunge into a happy contemplation of the sensuous…. There is color everywhere!

I love spring. Especially after suffering in these North Indian winters completely bundled up in heavy woolens for good three months. February feels like freedom! It might sound quirky, but I love February and am especially jovial in this month. The name itself is so poetic. It has the freshness of a dream. My parents were married on first of this month, and I fondly remember my childhood years when the month started with a great exciting anniversary party. My heart rejoices!

March marks the onset of blooming flowers and fresh greenery. The sun is awesome! Delightful warmth and light. The earth almost selfishly fills her lap with pleasures of her own. All creatures are buzzing with creative energy, the busy bees, the twittering birds, wasps, ladybugs, butterflies…..white and purple lilacs, poppies a fiery red, clusters of yellows and oranges, sweet-peas and their mad, heady fragrance even more potent in the afternoon sun! I can imagine why spring inspired many a Keats and Coleridge.

To celebrate March we take little walks out side at all times of the day, me and my little girl. She loves jumping over puddles, catching ladybugs, chasing butterflies and calling out ‘made-up’ names of all our glorious flowers. Our simple adventure helps us capture the beauty of nature in its full glory everyday.


  1. u r from chandigarh basically na.. tht explains how much u r in love with life.. We punjabis are brought up in a surrounding tht we know how to love life in any form- flora or fauna.. ;)

    a li'l communism for fun :D

  2. the phrase 'february is freedom' explains the mood you're in and hence the celebrations! even my parents were married in february! indeed, february is a welcome change after months of extensive cold weather.

    happy marching!

  3. Reading this feels breathing fresh air on sunday morning....

    Lucky u, we Mumbaikars hardly even know the difference between the seasons.... for us the Feruary feels like No-mans land between not so warm January and very warm March....

  4. ideas bring change.your articles are a refreshing change.i donot remember how i reached this link but read all the work at one was breathtakingly original.
    kudos to u.hope to follow your work

  5. thanks all you guys! all the flowers have bloomed and then withered and now the garden looks rather unadorned....but preps are on for the summer season..:)
    @ conflicting thoughts, thanks a lot for visiting and taking the time out to read my stuff. i really apreciate it, man. there will be some new ones coming up soon, so i hope to see you around!!
    ps: i tried reading your page, but surprisingly found absolutely no posts! hope to see some of your writings sometime...:)


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