Thursday, June 25, 2009


A tribute to Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop, he died today of cardiac arrest in L.A.

Can't believe this guy is dead! So surreal, really. MJ was larger than life in his iconic status. His sudden death....its shocking news. Fans all around the globe are grieving the demise of their favourite pop-star. His music was so legendary and immortal that it transcended all barriers of creed, race and national borders......people all over literally "came together" by his music. I grew up on it. His style and persona was so unique it instantly attracted great admiration, despite all his oddities.

The cute African-American boy was an instant star! Though he created his share of scandals and controversies, with his lawsuits and constant experimenting with his face ( his nose was pointing northwards for a while before it completely collapsed under the strain of umpteen surgeries) MJ will be remembered for his amazing music and he will live in our hearts forever as an outstanding singer and musician.


  1. I woke up to this news and I wasn't shocked... I'm generally prepared for such news...

    All I did was start playing his very best on my phone... and the music lives on... forever and ever...

    RIP MJ!!

    Until later, SMILE, JAM, BEAT IT, REMEMBER THE TIME... AND HISTORY..., and yeah... see you when I see you... :)

  2. honestly, i didn't follow him quite well. but there are so many people who look up to him which makes him such a phenomenon.

    on a personal note, I'm very influenced by his song on earth, beautiful!


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