Monday, December 7, 2009


FROM under a pile of diapers, I crawl out yet again! Boy, Wow, is it good to be doing this ! To all my concerned friends I just wanna say, I'M STILL ALIVE.

The vanishing act sort of stretched longer than expected, but hey! In the meantime I had a Baby!!!! Another sweet sweet sweet baby came to our lives on 31st of August. I'm proud Mommy of two girls!!! And its been a pretty crazy ride last three months, since the stork visited......but I'm here!

The wonderful realization when I logged onto my poor neglected blog was that I had three new bloggers in my followers' list. Felt good to see somebody was still coming into my realm even though I've been so out of it. Thanks for reading up guys, and I hope I would soon have more posts to share with you all.

Great to be back in the real world!


  1. Congratulations on the new baby girl! As if one child isn't life altering enought, two is a real eye-opener! Thank you for stopping by my blog amidst diapers and bottles! I appreciate your comments. Have a wonderful holiday. It looks like you have much to celebrate!

  2. wow, that is some news :D

    congratulations!! take good care of yourself and the girls. finally some activity in your blog!


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