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Though a poor, country-cousin of the city-bred amul-cheese, paneer is omni-present in the fabric of our everyday pallete. Would we really relish it being a fleeting afterthought, it is thrust into our faces, time after time, ‘n’ number of times.

As such it has played its part in most global cuisines, but its energetic dominance over the Indian-menu cannot be taken lightly! Any food-joint of even a remotely decent standing, without fail, dedicates a string of pages to vague sounding paneer-delights….paneer-kurma….. pepper-paneer….. paneer-pasanda (uh-ok…)…. paneer-dikhush (u don’t say !!)….paneer-shahi (indeed !!)……paneer-kadhai (Zzzzz….)…Oh!! The list is crushingly endless……..
Much to the glee of the indian consumer it comes dressed as a spicy brazilian bride, doped with salsa-sauce at McDonald’s or as paneer-extravaganza at Pizza-Hut !!

At a glance, u could say there are two types of people in our world – those who eat paneer, and then those who don’t!! the paneer-eaters swear by their stock as though ‘roti-, kapda, makaan aur paneer were the aspiration of any ‘normal’ family. In northern India, paneer commands a near God-like veneration……if u are a welcome guest in a Punjabi-houslold, chances are you shall be appeased with a generous offering of hot paneer samosas, and paneer-pakodas, and paneer-patties….and…sigh…!

The non-eater clan wouldn’t be caught dead with paneer in their mouths, come hunger-pangs or sheer fainting-spells, their prejudice can only be described as unwavering!!

Well, let’s be fair! Paneer is the vegetarian’s fowl. Paneer is the implacable, invincible avenging hero of the “grass-eating” gentry! While the “meat-mongers” dig their teeth into succulent pieces of tandoori-chicken and exclaim a dismayed “tch-tch” at meager veggie plates, paneer sashays in and holds a decent front!! Besides, paneer has played a prophetic bit in saving the day for many a hostesses, drowning in the wake of unexpected dinner-guests!

In spite of the European-enlightenment and Americanized-options like macaroni-n-cheese, cheese-topped burgers, cheesecakes, paneer’s first-cousin cheese suffers the label of being “waist-expanding”…..therefore, ladies and gentlemen, an irrefutable component of every delectable banquet – PANEER IS HERE TO STAY !!


  1. though i'm a chicken lover lekin yadi koi mast si paneer ki dish saamne rakhi ho to mere mooh mei ganga jamuna behne lagti hai... paneer is something i dont think ne1 can hate.. its simply too godamn tasty... taaza paneer namak aur kali mirch ke sath khane mei jo mazza hai woh aur kahan... yummy....

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  3. Hi Freefallin....
    I cant stop myself writing here,I am a big all-time lover of paneer, being a veggie I had no choice but to celibrate all my good days with paneer only...this may not be the only reason why I love it, but its a simply irresistble kind of thing in north India....
    100 points to you for writing somethng on Paneer :)
    Take care

  4. Paneer ....paneer and then again Paneer ...Ican almost have it everyday in any form .For vegetarians like us this is like a life line so THREE CHEERS FOR PANEER !!!AND I FULLY AGREE WITH U WHEN U SAY THAT !!

  5. yeah ! Paneer is in. Not only for the "grass-eaters" , its a look forward delight for others also. i was happy to hear when my hard-core non-veg friends complemented on the veg kababs i offered them on a dinner party as being better than the non-veg ones... Guess the secret..!! the base ingredient was THE VERY OUR OWN PANEER !! I swear i can't think what the veg dishes wud be like... without PANEER !! I must congratulate the person..who-so-ever discovered it for giving the vegies an unforgettable and a must-required ULTIMATE FORM OF MILK


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