Tuesday, February 5, 2008


In each of our hearts there lie some dreams that we just let be. Every now and then we go back to them to enjoy their innocent magic, and smile at their untouched beauty. These lines are dedicated to the things that we choose to leave undone…..we leave them for some other time and place.....

Oh! Aspiration, every now and then
U creep in besides me
U’re potent ecstasy, u grow upon me
I gaze awhile at your fervid smile
U’re so close, yet too far away from me
Your distant fire I so admire
Your whispers are breathlessYou tease my burdened desire
U embrace me your gentle touch I require

U’re a burning, and a fever
U would cling to me forever

When I was restless, you were young
Every yearning together we had sung
Our stolen time, with lyre and rhyme
Should my heart feel to be a crime

I remember our 'everytime'.......
Kiss the first time for the last time
I glance in your eyes
The same look must be in mine
We agree, another place another time
Yes, alas! Another place another time!

U feel my laugh, I feel your sorrow
We look away, we await tomorrow
And though my faith is shaken
And your heart is broken
Oh! Aspiration
U’re the magic of mystery to me
Joy to my heart, dear to my soul u shall be

Thank heavens! My crisis is past
Your lingering freshness is over at last
For, of all tortures, this torture is the worst
Of wanting of water that quenches all thirst
Now like an opium-addict at bay
I return to mundane jobs of the day
Until u sail again in my reverie
Continuing- as dreams have been to me
Oh ! aspiration
A chaos of vivid color- I dream of u eternally.........


  1. I cudnt actually get where ur mind is takin u....

  2. Again one of those post which left me spellbund....
    Seems like a candid converstion with da self...
    Reminds me of my own aspirations.... some real some unreal, some justified some unjustified.... some achievable some utopian....
    You have all of them....

    All in all a beautifully written with right blend of words and emotions......

  3. Now thats the real conversation wid the self... its so universal...all can relate to it !! by the end of the reading... i was in my past.. smiling.. then contended.
    GUD JOB !! :)


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